OpenSubtitlesPlayer 7.1

Play any media file format without any additional codec packs

OpenSubtitlesPlayer supports practically every video format without the need to install any additional codec on your computer. The program has a modern minimalistic interface and its basic functions can be used by anyone regardless of the experience. However, some of its advanced features are regrettably buried under the main screen and may be difficult to find the first time you use the player.

The program supports playing movies from various sources, such as DVD discs or directly from an Internet site. In this regard, the player can search various sites for movies, and you can even add new databases. It also has an outstanding ability to play torrent video as a stream without downloading the whole file first. Likewise, it is ideal to listen to Internet radio stations.

If you are into watching subtitled movies, this is possibly the right player for you. It can automatically search for subtitles in OpenSubtitles online database when the file is not available locally. Moreover, this program has a subtitle editor and offers the possibility of using intelligent subtitles, which means automatically setting the time each subtitle line is displayed according to its length. Not only that, it also lets you adapt this feature to your reading speed. What is more, if you have any kind of visual impairment, you can tell the program to read the subtitles using the system’s text-to-speech engine.

As most similar programs, OpenSubtitlesPlayer lets you personalize the way you watch your movies. For instance, you can set picture parameters, like luminosity, contrast and size. It also supports various visual effects, even simulating 3D. Similarly, it is possible to equalize sound and use various audio effects. As to subtitles, the player allows configuring their exact position, color, fonts and additional effects.

All in all, OpenSubtitlesPlayer is a modern and convenient media player that is seamlessly integrated into the Internet. It has more features than those described here, and new ones can be installed by using add-ons. Luckily, the product is freeware and is distributed together with a useful video downloader.

Pedro Castro
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  • Plays any video format without installing additional codecs
  • Plays Internet video as a stream
  • Searches the Internet for specific movies
  • Finds matching subtitles for your movies
  • Smartly manages the time each subtitle line is displayed
  • Supports add-ons


  • Some advanced features are difficult to find
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